About GK Accountancy Services

GK Accountancy Serviced is owned by Geoff Kent who is an established, award winning, qualified ACMA accountant based in the North East and has worked for several major national companies for over 40 years.

Based in Gosforth in Newcastle, GK Accountancy Services offers accounting expertise with a broad range of client services including tax returns, payroll, VAT returns and much more.

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Our ethos

Clients are at the heart of GK Accountancy Services and we believe that there is no other company in the North East who can offer or match our service and experience in Accountancy.

Our services are built around a deep understanding of your business’ accounting needs and objectives.

  • We pride ourselves on delivering effective results for your business.

  • We have decades of experience and expertise across multiple disciplines and areas of accountancy.

  • We understand that clients and objectives are key to our business and your business.

  • That our pricing structure is one of the fairest and most competitive in the UK for accountancy services for your business.

List of main companies Geoff has worked for

  1. Barratt Developments

  2. Proctor And Gamble

  3. IBM

  4. North East Components International

  5. Uk Commercial Cleaning

  6. Sheerness Steel, Kent

  7. Mono Containers

  8. Spillers French Milling

  9. Northern Engineering Industries

  10. Clarke Chapman

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